About us

Many non-profit organizations in the UK make a fantastic contribution to society in the UK and in the rest of the world. The UK is one of the best countries in contributing to a better world. People from the UK are generous and have their hearts in the right place. Every time people get deeply in the pocket to support charities and support other non-profit organizations. People from the UK therefore deserve praise for their generosity.

Many people from the UK support charities such as Africa, cancer and other charities. In addition, there are sports clubs that have to look at every pound to stay afloat. Amateur football clubs, skating clubs, badminton clubs, chess clubs and many other clubs need a lot of money to stay afloat. Students, schools and scouting also need money. And what about the churches, which have fewer and fewer visitors and are increasingly short of money to stay alive. All these non-profit organizations depend on you. Because you support these organizations and they are very grateful for that.

Support them from now on for free!

What is better to help non-profit organizations, but now without having to give your own money? That is a question that I have asked myself and that I have found an appropriate answer to. I came up with an idea. A great idea. Even an idea that can cause a complete changeover in the UK. From now on, people can help their charity with money without their own money. And that is very special, this is even unique!

ClickSponsor is an intermediary between webshops and consumers. People can reward their non-profit organization through an online purchase at one of the online stores like Ebay, Currys PC World, Booking.com, Hunkemoller and many more. By clicking on the link on ClickSponsor.co.uk the consumer arrives on the page of the webshop. Because a sponsor link has been clicked, the online store will pay a commission, which will benefit the charity. In this way the online purchase does not cost the consumer anything extra, but the charity does receive compensation. That`s how we create a win / win situation!

We keep it simple

An important condition to me is to keep the process easy. Therefor I created an easy to go website where;
1) You don`t have to register yourself to sponsor
2) With only 2 mouse clicks you sponsor! That is much easier and faster then for example the website EasyFundraising does.
3) You will not receive all the time silly emails from ClickSponsor
4) We keep it all very clear and transparant

Register your organization for free

So register your non-profit organization now! Are you a consumer? Then support your organization by making your online purchase via the page of your charity. Nothing change for you, but a lot for your charity. This way you fill the till of your charity.

We keep you all informed monthly by means of email how much your organization has earned.

So start now, and help. Because non profit organizations depend on people, like you and me. You have got the key to help. We thank you all for your support!

Vincent van Roon