FAQ for supporters of non profit organizations

What are the steps I have to follow to support for example a charity?
You need to find the organization on the homepage of ClickSponsor in the search bar. When you type the name of the organization you select the organization. You land into a page where you can read about what the organization is doing. Press ‘support this organization’. On the following page you find an overview of all the online stores with the commissions they pay to your selected organization. Select an online store by clicking on ‘shop here’. This will bring you to the online store of your choice. When you purchase something your selected organization receives a commission. 

I can`t find the organization where I am looking for?
As ClickSponsor is a new website not many organization have signed up yet as many never heard about ClickSponsor yet. The best thing you could do is to contact the organization to ask them to signup at ClickSponsor. It doesn`t cost them anything to signup.

How do I know how much my supported organization earns?
The are two ways to find out how organizations are doing with ClickSponsor. First of all organizations have an opportunity to put a banner on their website where you find the amount they earn. Second of all it is possible to signup for the ‘ Newsletter‘ about a specific kind of organization. We then send you monthly a report in your email how the organization is doing.

Does anyone know my identity when I support a good cause by ClickSponsor?
No, nobody sees your identity. You don`t have to signup or login. You don`t give us your details when you use ClickSponsor. You are completely anonymous.

I forgot to order via ClickSponsor, can I still reverse this?
Unfortunately not. The registration of purchases is fully automated. An online store will only award commission to ClickSponsor for sales that have demonstrably taken place via the ClickSponsor website. Changes afterwards are not possible in this context. The only thing you could do is cancel the order within the applicable term and then place your order via the SponsorClicks page of your organization.

I have just placed an order via the ClickSponsor page of my organization, but do not see the commission in the transaction overview?
Online stores link the transactions back, but this takes some time. At the beginning of each month, you will find the transactions that have been done with the commissions for the previous month.

I often buy at a particular online store but see that is not in your online store overview. Can you add this online store?
If the online store in question uses an affiliate program, we can submit a request for participation. It is then up to the online store to accept our request or not. If the shop agrees with participation, we will add it to our store overview. If not, then we unfortunately have no possibility to add the relevant web store.


FAQ for  owners of non profit organizations

What kind of organisations can sign up?
Any organization with a non profit goal can sign up at ClickSponsor. For example a charity shop can sign up, but aswell a primary school or a badminton club. Any organization with a non profit mindset we are happy to welcome, as they are an important part of our society.

I have signed up but have not received any notice from you yet?
The administrative processing of new charities may take some time. You will always receive a confirmation of your registration within 14 days.

How much our organization can earn?
Your non profit organization can earn as much as possible. The more you promote your connection to Clicksponsor to your members/followers the more they do purchases through ClickSponsor. See Marketing Tools how to promote. Affiliated online stores pay commsion to ClickSponsor, and we pay 75% of the commission to your organization. The other 25% we use to keep ClickSponsor running. We have different agreements with online stores about the commissions they pay. You find on the page ‘Online stores’ what percentage of the purchase order pays you.

When do we get paid?
We pay monthly. It means we pay at the beginning of next month the commission you earn the month before. For example, we pay the beginning of September, the commission you earned in August.

I earned commission, but didn’t get paid. Why?
It is possible you earned commission but you didn’t receive it the next month. We pay out from a minimum amount of GBP 50. The reason is that we will not pay minimum amounts, which is time-consuming, costs money and provides a lot of administration. At the moment when your accumulated amount is above GBP 50 we transfer to your account.

Someone really made a purchase through ClickSponsor, but our organization did not earn a commission. How do you deal with this?
If after a month you see in your overview that you still have not received the commission, something may have gone wrong at the online store. You can send us an email with the invoice of the online store as an attachment. We then check with the online store why you did not receive the commission. It happens sometimes that an error is made. We do our utmost to recover your commission from the relevant online store. It can also happen that a purchase is sent back to the online store. As you understand, the online store also then deletes the commission.

We have been a member of ClickSponsor for a long time, but we have never received a payout. How is that possible ?
That can have two causes. Firstly, it is possible that nobody has made purchases through your link. We advise you to promote your affliation with ClickSponsor, see Marketing Tools for some ideas. Secondly, it is possible that the total commission amount is still below the minimum payout limit of GBP 50. If your balance is above GBP 50, we will pay out.

How do I login?
After we authorize your registration you receive a confirmation email from us with your login details. After you login you find an overview of your earned commission, see the example below.

Amount: Means the earned commissions of the month
Current status: Paid means the commissions are added to your account
Company: the online store where the purchase is made and the commission comes from
Status: Pending means that the online store administrated the commission to ClickSponsor, but did not pay yet. When the status ‘Pending’ changes into ‘Paid’ it means the commission is 100% sure and added to your balance in your account.
Total paid: the amount that is transfered to the account of your organization
Total pending: means the amount that is waiting to be approved by the online store
Balance in your account: Is the amount that is ready to be transfered to the account of your organization. When it is over GBP 50 we will transfer it.