Marketing tools

Find here all the marketing tools to use so you can optimally promote your good cause with ClickSponsor.

1. Place banner on your website

With this tool you get your personal banner for your good cause in your email! Place the banner on your website so all your visitors can see how much money you have raised with ClickSponsor so far. The raised amount on the banner will update itself automatically. How exciting it will be to see your raised money going up all the time!

When someone clicks on the banner it leads to the ClickSponsor website. The visitor can choose an online store and raise money for your good cause!

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2. Introduction e-mail

Send an e-mail to your followers/members and show them how they can support your good cause for free. You can use for example the text below:

Start shopping today at and help a good cause for free!


Dear member,

From now on it is possible to sponsor a charity, sports team, school, scouting club or any other non profit organisation for free!

How it works:

On our website you find a ClickSponsor banner. This will lead you to the ClickSponsor website where you will find an overview of dozens of online stores, for example, Ebay and AliExpress. Every purchase at one of these companies will give your sponsor goal a commission while you pay the same price yourself, so it costs you nothing extra.

We hope that you want to support our organization to raise extra money. It is very easy as with only two mouse clicks you sponsor (no signup etc.). So next time you shop online, please click on our banner first.

Thank you on behalf of your sponsor goal.

Kind regards,
Your organization


You can also remind your followers/members by finishing an ordinairy email with a text block about ClickSponsor. For example:

Dear …

Your text your text your text your text.

Your title
your text your text your text your text

Sponsor our organisation for free!
It is possible to sponsor our organisation for FREE when you buy online! When you click this banner and you buy something online in one of the registered online stores, we get a commission from the online store. You don’t pay anything extra, but you are helping us to raise money.

Kind regards,
Your organization

Help people remember to use ClickSponsor by sending emails to your mailing list every now and then.

3. Use social media

Like, follow and share us on Facebook and let your members and followers do that same.

Talk on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn about us, so your followers are willing to pay attention to your page on

5. Download and print our poster

The poster is very usual to hang in your building. For example in the bar, cafetaria, toilet, on the door and on the outside window.  You can hang it up when there are for example meetings and other busy moments with lots of people around.

You will catch a lot of attention with a poster.

Click on a poster to download.