Met Clicksponsor kun je op eenvoudige wijze een bijdrage geven aan je vereniging of goede doel, zonder dat het je ook maar iets extra’s kost!

With only two mouse clicks you sponsor a good cause! Much easier then for example the biggest in the market EasyFundraising does.

We don`t want difficulty, silly emails and an unclear website. We want to keep it easy, fast process, no useless information and especially the highest commissions for good causes!

Book a hotel online via Booking.com and your good cause will receive money in their pocket.
Via the categories at the top of the menu you can also order at various web shops such as Ebay, Rentalcars and Currys PC World. A percentage of the purchase price also goes to your sponsor goal. And again, it does not cost you anything extra!

Do you want to sponsor your association for FREE? Make sure that from now on you make your online purchases via the ClickSponsor page of your club. For you a small effort, and direct income for your association. Imagine when all members would do this? So tell this to other people who have a warm heart for your club.

How does it work?

Very simple. Webshops pay a commission for every order made via ClickSponsor.co.uk. 75% of this commission is paid into the bank account of your good cause. Whether you go for example directly to Booking.com or you go via ClickSponsor.co.uk to the site of Booking.com, you pay the same. Only in the last case Booking.com pay us a commission and your association benefits directly from this!

Why ClickSponsor?

ClickSponsor is an initiative that has just started. The difference between ClickSponsor and other initiatives is:

  • At ClickSponsor we keep it simple. To sponsor you don`t have to signup. With only 2 mouse clicks you sponsor a good cause. That is much easier then other initiatives as for example our biggest competitor EasyFundraising.
  • You will not get silly emails from us. Only if you register your emailaddress we inform you about for example how much your good cause has raised so far.
  • We have an easy and clear website. No nonsense. See how much your good cause have raised by receiving updates.
  • Because we don`t have an expensive team behind ClickSponsor, we give the highest commissions to the registered good causes. And there it is all about.

Sponsor a good cause for free with clicksponsor.co.uk fundraising-charity-sports-club-scouting-football-club-hockey-church-poster-sport-poster-charity-poster-clicksponsor

How to promote ?

There are several ways how to promote ClickSponsor to your members and followers. Use the Marketing Toolkit to bring ClickSponsor to the attention as much as possible. You find banners which you can use on your website, which brings your followers to your page on ClickSponsor.co.uk. Aswell you can promote us by email newsletters. Another way is to sponsor ClickSponsor on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can print out our posters to put on the window of your charity house.


Login for organisations

After we approved your registration of your organization on ClickSponsor.co.uk you are able to login and find all details. You find for example an overview of the earned commissions for your good cause. Aswell you can change some information if needed in the future.